Turning the Page

Today marks a very important day for the rest of my life. As of 10 AM, eastern standard time, I have handed in my final project for my Freelance Production class. Now, this seems pretty simple to you, and that is fine, but this marks a reality I had never confronted before: I am going to graduate college.

Next week is finals and I only have an easy paper and a math exam and then a diploma.

I’m sure you are going “Well, this is normal, right?” It is. The normal progression is High School -> College -> Diploma. This wasn’t always the case for me and to have reached this point is just, well, I am at a loss for words. To understand why, I need to give a little history on myself.

I was always told I was a smart kid. I scored rather high on all of those middle school tests, rather well above average IQ, ect ect. I’m not saying this to brag, in fact I tend to think the opposite. I did well in school without really trying and coasted my way through high school. I thought I would be able to just coast my way through college applications and into a decent school.

Ohh how I was wrong.

I got rejected from every school I applied to. I ended up going to a community college for Computer Science. Computer science turned into Information Technology which turned into Psychology which turned into Liberal Arts which turned into General Studies which turned into me dropping out twice. I switched majors five times in three years before throwing my hands up in defeat.

After some “time off,” I just got sick of not getting anything done, being just a high school grad who dropped out. Three years of my life was gone with nothing to show for it. On a whim, I took a tour of the New England Institute of Technology for their video and audio production. I heard about the facilities, the teachers credentials, the equipment and I pretty much said “This is something I want to do.” So I enrolled and told myself “I am getting a bachelors degree or I have failed.” Even after I got a degree, it didn’t feel that way. Hell, I don’t even display my associates degree. It just didn’t feel real.

Now, here I am, at the end of my degree, graduating in a week and it is just beginning to set in. I handed in my final paperwork today and my teacher told me I was top three in my graduating class. Just blows my mind how I went from a dropout to the best in class. And now, it’s into the real world.

While this feeling is amazing, and believe me, I am fucking ecstatic, I now have to deal with a whole new set of fears. No more hiding behind the college student curtain, it is time to be a big boy. Need to search for a real job, unless my youtube channel really takes off (which I REALLY would love,) bills, apartments, houses, real life.

But for now, I am going to enjoy my victory. I worked hard and I earned it. What a great day.

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